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Swachhta Ki Paathshala

'Swachhfa ki Pathshala' is an educational programme that aims to cultivate civic values among the citizens, especially children of the slum areas of Bhopal. The programme teaches and trains kids of the age group 7 to 77 years about personal hygiene and cleanliness, maintaining cleanliness in the city, taking care and not vandalizing public property, traffic rules and safety.

Once the kids realize the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness, they are then trained to make the 'Swachhta Brigade' and undertake 'Roko-toko' campaign where the children of the slums take the responsibility to intervene if they see anyone littering or spitting on the streets or public places.

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'She-carnival' is an initiative that provides women the luxury of enjoying night-life. The carnival began as a one-time event to initiate the idea of a night bazar with the help of New Market Vyapari Sangh, was equipped with all possible security measures by Bhopal Police, BMC as well as the members of the association. It has now become a regular Saturday night activity.

In order to safeguard the commute, Resp. BMC Commissioner Priyanka Das kept all kinds of public transport running fill 2 AM when the fair was organised for the first time and Bhopal Police also stationed its vans for women to travel safely at night. Apart from this, women constables of the Shakti squad patrolled the area in civil dresses to watch out for any mishap.

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Kabaad Se Jugaad

The idea of 'Kabaad se iugaad' is a novelty in itself as the waste scrap and E-waste iS used for the beatification of the city instead of being dumped in the land or on open grounds. Indian ore well known for —iugaad — making makeshift and innovative arrangements out Of useless things. This quality is ingrained in us as of' of us hove attended craft workshops where we ore asked to reuse the things that ore in good condition,

In order to implement the programme in the city, the Bhopal Municipal Corporation collaborated with the NGO Sanidhyo Sami", Red FM and start-ups Kabadiwala.com and RI creations. The four organizations worked collectively to make the project a success among BhopoJis. Mayor Alok Sharma personally came down to support the idea and become a *Kabadiwala' for the people for a day, asking them to contribute in the beautification of the city.

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Doctor Aapke Dwar

Open defection was one of the most prominent problems of the slum areas of Bhopal which was providing to be challenging as the mindset of the people rigid.

Building toilets in their homes was associated with beliefs like eating where you shit and other myths that regarded it as impure. "Doctor Aapke Dwar" formulated keeping in mind the fact those superstitions among the areas ff slum areas in mind and busting the myths. After a lot of research of many slums of Bhopal, the problem was identified and it was found that most of the people went out for defecation and that was the major reason for them falling sick now and often. A peculiar trend was observed and it was found that the people of slums were daily wagers and fell sick often and instead of taking general medicines they frequently visited the nearby doctor for a prescription.

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Plastic Rakshas

As per the guidelines of Centre of Science and Environment a major contribution that any Municipal body can make in their cities for plastic waste management is its segregation at source. With the desperate need to reduce plastic waste pollution from the city and with the motivation of Swachh Survekshan 2021 Bhopal municipal corporation with its impanelled NGO Sanidhya ideated the concept of PLATIC RAKSHAS.

A demon with a voracious appetite for plastic waste who would go door to door asking for only plastic waste from the residents who would with the enchantment to feed this huge 7.5 ft Rakshas will keep their plastic waste separately from other household waste as rakshas only eats plastic waste. This ideation was implemented with the creativity of Jugaadu Duo of the city Pavan deshpandey and Devendra who made the demon from kabad se jugaad. Taking it little further the concept also focuses on the children as the agent of change. Plastic Rakshas enchants the kids and motivates them to ensure segregation of plastic at their respective house and also competition of feeding the rakshas more than others.

Swachta Drive at Collectorate Bhopal

Swachta drive at Collectorate Bhopal under Swachh Bharat Mission 2017. My city my Pride an exclusive innovative intervention designed and implemented by Sanidhya

under SBM under which historical significance of Collector office building was narrated to all employees present at Collector office under kissa kahani segment with historian and story teller Sikander Malik

Diwali Milan 2017

Diwali Milan 2017 organized by Sanidhya NGO for Hon.CM Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan

in Arjun Nagar where he celebrated Diwali with BPL community

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