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Awareness about  Rights

Sanidhya works together with poor people to strengthen their organizations, alliances and individual capacity to improve their lives and achieve their right to a life of dignity.

Women’s Empowerment

Sanidhya works for poor women & girls in their fight against the injustices of poverty. We believe that when a female grows towards a positive direction then whole society will move positively & equality for women and girls offers the most effective way of ending poverty.

Creating Change

We work to  deliver significant change to end poverty and injustice together.

To work for women and child development & fight against HIV AIDS. Especially work to make all females independent so that they can live life with a dignity and freedom.

Healthy World without poverty and injustice, in which every woman, man, girl and boy enjoys the right to live life with dignity.
Work for village people towards better
Work for overall personality grooming of
women and girls to make them powerful
Help children who live their life in difficult
conditions such as street children
Work for Handicrafts development
Work for awareness generation of HIV
AIDS & other health related problems
Create an environment where women
demand knowledge and information,
empowering themselves to change lives
Inculcate in women the confidence that
change is possible, if women work
Spread the message that education of
women is a pre-condition for fighting
against their oppression
Educate the neo literates and illiterate
people and encourage them to enroll
their children in to the school