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The major activity  is STEP project of ministry of women & child development Govt. of India. Under this scheme we have taken 1410 beneficiaries (women) of Hoshangabad to make them selfreliant and strong in every aspect. The project is for training of 15 different trades of Handicraft to women beneficiaries so that they can undertake gainful employment, through income generating activities making themselves stronger and livelihood better activities under STEP scheme are:


Under this scheme Sanidhya organized training of 15 different handicrafts to 700 beneficiaries of Hoshangabad for 3,6 and 12 months at Harne Nagar malakhedi Hoshangabad. The upliftment of women is only possible when they are self depended and confident. So after getting trained in the handicraft sector they can produce material from which they can make some money for their family and this can definitely going to increase their livelihood .STEP scheme is totally dedicated to the empowerments of women through Training, production, education, advocacy SHG formation, and other support services what ever required.

Training was provided for : Batik printing, Block printing, Dyes printing, Screen printing, Madhubani printing, Mandana  printing, Paper mashie, Patch work  and applec work, Jute work, Embriodery, Jewelry making, Pottery making, Hand made paper seat items, Crochet, Tie and dye.

Criteria for selection : We have done a base line survey and we have taken females from Hoshangabad district and surrounding villages. They belong to SC, ST, OBC and general category. Most of them are below poverty line.

Crech facility : Female who don’t have any facility to keep their small children at home are provided with  crèche facility to take all good care of  their children while their training time. We are providing them food, toys & medical facility so that beneficiary can work with out any stress.


Under the STEP scheme we are providing education to those female who are illiterate or neoliterate . Because we believe that education is the major key towards liberation and success. We have provided them books, copies, books, pen, pencil and all material which was required for educating them. In addition to this we have taken classes of personality grooming for all women beneficiaries so that they can learn how to communicate how to talk with the people etc. In this process we have adapted the methods of books of state resource centre Bhopal and they have provided us all the material related to education.

Health awareness & nutrition

In rural sector Health of women is a major subject which has to be taken care of. Females are very care less about their health and food hobbits. Under the scheme we have organized 3 health check up camps for artisans.In these camps all female beneficiaries & their children were examined & given medical advices.

Insurance facility

We have linked our beneficiaries with ICICI health insurance so that their whole family can get the benefit of the insurance.

Making of SHG & strengthening

Formation of SHG group is one of the important parts of this project. We have formed 25 SHG groups during the year and after formation of these groups we have organized different innovative seminars and workshops for these groups. The groups were made aware of banking scheme, different points of Govt. loan facilities, strengthening of groups etc. With the help of all these workshops we have highlighted the strength and benefits of women’s groups and how they can produce the product with the help of their group.

Legal awareness

A female has the right to have knowledge about her legal problems. She should aware about all her rights related to her so that she can fight against injustice. We have taken legal awareness as an important part of our action plant of every year and in STEP project as well. The organization organized legal awareness camps at malakhedi training premises of STEP. In these camps all advices given to the females related all the queries about their rights.

Link agencies

We have also linked our artisans to some link agencies to promote their work. Such as NABARD, State Bank of India Hoshangabad directorate of handicraft, State resources center Bhopal, different  emporium, boutiques.
Exhibitions are influential, flexible & highly cost-effective marketing  tool - as well as being significant wealth generators in their own right. In established that they are a vital part of the marketing mix, alongside direct selling, advertising, direct mail and the Internet. Exhibitions are a rich source of new ideas and applications and, as such, play an important role in strategic planning and business generation. Our women entrepreneurs participated in various exhibitions.
Exhibitions organised
7 days exhibition of in-house at
Malakhedi ground Hoshangabad
Exhibition of products at Bhopal
Exhibition at Pachmari Utsav
Exhibition at Hotel Noor us Sabah
Exhibition at Ravindra Bhavan
Exhibition at Ramji Baba ka Mela
Exhibit the material in programs of
Women & Child Development
Exhibition on Women’s Day
They have become self dependant
Literacy rate among female has
been increased
Socially their position has become
They have become more health
They became more atheistic toward
learning new things
They started believing in the group
Evaluation of projects

According to the instructions of Govt of India we have formed an evaluation committee who evaluate the progress of the project quarterly. In this committee there are 9 members from:

  • Department of women & child development Govt of India
  • Department of women & child development (MP)
  • Welfare officer samaj kalyan board Bhopal
  • Secretary, state resource center Bhopal
  • DPO (WCD) Hoshangabad
  • Department of Handicraft (MP)
  • MD Mahila Vitta Vikas Nigam Bhopal
  • Member of Sanidhya